Follow along workout plan

Don’t forget to use the hashtag#sukisweats so I can see workout results and progress WEEK 1Day 1 (Full Body)Day 2 (Core)Day 3 (Full Body Resistance)Day 4 (Rest)Day 5 (Core Activation)Day 6 (Core and Burn)Day 7 (Rest)Day 1 (Full Body)Day 1 (Full Body) 18 minute Total Body HIIT Abs in two weeks Upper back 10 minute Yoga Stretch Day 2 (Core)Day…

Exercise and Movement

Exercise and Movement

Exercise or movement is an essential pillar to your physical and mental wellbeing.
Humans were not designed to lead primarily sedentary lifestyles.
Yet in today’s society must of us spend a large portion of our day sitting down.

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