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Evelyn Tribole, MS, RD and Elyse Resch, MS, RD, CEDRD, FADA created Intuitive Eating – and wrote the life-changing book ‘Intuitive Eating’  They have also created a specific training and certification program for health professionals who want to help others with Intuitive Eating – to assure that Intuitive Eating is shared with individuals in a consistent and accurate way.  There current requirements for a health professional to become a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor.

It focuses on mental wellbeing surrounding food and helps align both body and mind to function at its best potential.

It retrains your brain to eat when you are genuinely hungry and doesn’t focus on deprivation or cutting out whole food groups.

I graduated from Medicine in 2011. My day job is a part-time Embryologist.

I had always had an interest in Nutrition and gained my first nutrition Diploma in 2017. Although I knew scientifically how to eat. The usual scientific approach did not give me the tools on how to approach my food issues with the mental clarity I needed.

I have recently become a certified Intuitive Eating Nutritionist and found it has changed my life and helped shift decades old toxic attitudes I had previously had to food and eating.

A holistic approach to nutrition basically means you try and eat food in its purest forms to nourish your body and help make you feel its best.

A holistic approach is akin to ‘back to nature’, where you try to reduce processed foods as much as possible.

Due to the work environment I am in, the bulk of my clients are couples trying to conceive, pregnant women and women breastfeeding or have just given birth.

These are all critical stages in a woman’s life and proper nutrition is important to help mother and baby deal with these stressful periods.


I also get many clients who are looking to lose weight. This is where I would encourage a systemic long-term approach to weight loss. Studies have shown that diets are designed to fail. I want people to change their concept about dieting for weight loss and I try to help them make permanent small changes to their lives to lose weight and more importantly keep it off.

It is a long journey but the results are life long and worthwhile.

For clients who come to my office, nutritional consultations are available inclusive of the Obstetricians fees.

I have designed this website to provide as many tools and tips to get anyone started on their wellness journey. There are pdf downloadable eating plans and a free recipe eBook and free workout routine.

Sometimes people feel they perform better with a push from a nutritionist or with a tailor-made program. If this is the case, please feel free to contact me in the contact me section here.

I think what works for every person is different, but from experience I find that totally eliminating one food group is not sustainable in the long term and most people cannot maintain it throughout their entire life.

I would say 80% of my recipes and diets are plant based. I feel a diet high in plant-based recipes offers a lot in terms of fruit, vegetable, fibers and nutrition that is usually overlooked in today’s world of overly processed food.

I believe we as humans are engineered to be able to digest animal products for a reason. Yet I disagree that animal products need to be eaten daily and too much animal products can be quite detrimental to your health.

Some people thrive when they reduce dairy and gluten etc. Everyone’s body is different and intuitive eating helps you attune to your own body’s wants and needs.

My medical background helped in studying traditional nutrition. Yet my intuitive eating helped me implement the knowledge I had in an effective and helpful way.

The most I gained from being a medical graduate was to only use information from evidence-based studies. Any facts I make on any nutrition, fitness or skincare article are from studies published in esteemed medical journals. I always give references because I believe in today’s fast paced world it is easy for anyone to say anything and pass it off as fact.

If you have an eating disorder, I strongly getting help specifically for eating disorders, Failure to do so may leave you reeling from one eating disorder to another. Any eating plan or diet is not recommended for anyone suffering from an active eating disorder unless it is given by the professional treating you for this disorder.

However, if you are at a normal weight and not actively suffering from an eating disorder, intuitive eating is great to change the toxic mental attitudes many people who have had eating disorders may have.

Sadly, in today’s society you do not need to have suffered from an eating disorder to have unhealthy habits and attitudes to food.

The first part of intuitive is helping you detox your mind from all the wrong preconceived notions we have believed about food and health.

You need minimum three to four one-hour sessions of activity to reap the benefits of exercise.

Since we are focusing on a lifestyle change and would want to incorporate something into our daily routine permanently the exercises I would recommend is; something you enjoy doing.

If you hate a particular activity like running, forcing yourself to run will only last for so long before you eventually lose interest and willpower and stop.  Playing squash or going for long walks if you enjoy them will be easier to do if you like it. The important thing is to keep moving.

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