Mental health

Mental health is the cancer of the twenty first century.
Personally, I have been affected with both depression and anxiety.
Out of the two I think anxiety is a million times worse than depression. Being just sad and lethargic is like a holiday compared to the crippling effects of anxiety.
I had bouts of generalized anxiety where I was just perpetually worried about nothing and everything all at once.
Do you know the feeling you get when you have an exam? Beating heart, shortness of breath and a really tight feeling in your chest. That is anxiety except it is not related to any particular event and can last for hours and even days. It makes you feel tired and weak and unable to focus on anything except how you’re feeling.
Not to say I’m taking away from the severity of depression in anyway. Being sad and miserable for no reason and not being able to muster up two ounces of willpower to get out of bed and take care of your children is pretty serious. But the chronic tightness of the chest and constant worrying can make you feel like you aged a lifetime in a week.
If you have any symptoms of anxiety or depression or anything else, I would strongly encourage you to seek help. There are medications but there are a couple of things you can try out before resorting to medications. Medications need constant monitoring and many have to try a few before they find a regimen that works for them.
I personally think that if you have anything physical or mental that is impeding or affecting your quality of life you should seek the help of a professional and take any medications if it will make your life better.

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