‘Skin Glow’ Foods

Have a big event, want to get your glow back after a stint of shoddy eating and hard partying?
Well I have just the food list for you.
They say you are what you eat, and this couldn’t be truer when it comes to skin care. The skin can be the first thing you notice to start to improve is the skin. If leading a particularly unhealthy lifestyle, some people may start to break out if they drastically change their lifestyle. This is usually just an adjustment period while your body gets used to your new and improved diet. After this transition phase I guarantee, you will notice a considerable improvement.
Here are the lists of foods you should try to incorporate into your daily diet to improve skin.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are full of protein and omega three. I personally find these seeds are the best food to clear skin. I begin noticing a difference the next week after regular consumption. They absorb a lot of water and can be used to make puddings and sprinkled on salads and toast.
Chia seeds also help reduce IBS symptoms and bloating. For my chia water recipe click here.

Hemp seeds

Technically a nut hemp seeds are very nutritious. They have a mild nutty flavor and are exceptionally rich in omega 3 and omega 6, two essential fatty acids.
They can be eaten sprinkled on toast, Greek yogurt and salads.

Sunflower Seeds

Very good source of polyunsaturated fat, monounsaturated fat and protein. They taste wonderful as a snack or on yogurt, oats and salads.


Beets provide some impressive health benefits not just for skin. They are low in calories and great source of iron, vitamin C, fibre and folate. They contain nitrates that is great for lowering high blood pressure and improve athletic performance.
To see my beet potato salad recipe, click here.

Purple Cabbage

An amazing source of antioxidants, purple cabbage contains plant compounds that protect against cellular damage. High in vitamin C and flavonoid antioxidants. It also helps reverse hair loss.
Shredded purple cabbage can be used in salads and in coleslaw. You can make a quick pickle with this recipe here. It tastes great in sandwiches or with an Asian noodle dish


An excellent source of protein, they are low cost and a good source of vitamin B2, B6, B12selenium, vitamin D, zinc, iron and copper.
You can try this nutritious high iron easy bake egg recipe here


Greens such as arugula, lettuce, kale, spinach and broccoli are all superb for making your skin glow.
Beta carotene the plant pigment found in carrots and other yellow vegetables are also hiding in greens especially leafy greens. Think of leaves as they change colour in Autumn. When they lose chlorophyll (The pigment that makes them green) you start to see red, orange and yellow.
These beautiful colours are also responsible for amazing health benefits. Beta carotene can give your skin a youthful glow and works inside out as a natural sunscreen help protecting skin from harmful UV rays.


Can I get anymore hipster? An excellent source of monosaturated fatty acids, Vitamin E, fibre and potassium, there is a reason why hipsters are gulping down their fair share of avocado toasties.
So, for lunch or breakfast try making an avocado toastie. You can put a poached egg on top, and don’t forget to sprinkle some salt, pepper and a sprinkle of your choice of seeds for a super boost of nutrition.


Super source of omega 3 and rich in antioxidants walnuts are a known powerhouse of benefits. It is good for skin as well maintaining healthy nervous system functions.
You can eat them as a snack. Or check out this lentil walnut Bolognese recipe for a light wholesome and protein packed meal.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are amazing, they are delicious and keep you feeling full for a long time giving you sustained energy release.
They are high in Vitamin A, C and B. They have a high mineral content including Copper which gives skin a healthy glow. There are numerous ways to consume this wonder food, baked, as sweet potato chips and even sweet potato pie.
My favorite way is loaded baked sweet potato which is high in protein and calcium.
For my loaded sweet potato recipe click here.


Of course, we cannot mention any skin care tips without drilling in the importance of water. But seriously upping your water intake will leave your skin hydrated and looking plumper and glowy.
Remember tea and coffee are natural diuretics so try to drink a glass of water with every cup of tea and coffee you have.

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