Tips on tackling depression

Depression is one of the most common diseases in the modern world. No one is a stranger to depression. Life has its ups and downs and we all experience periods of being ‘down in the dumps’ or ‘feeling blue’.
But clinical depression has been on the rise especially with the advent pf social media and subconsciously comparing yourself to the ‘Perfect Person Ideal’ whatever it the current trend may be. Usually something unattainable, which makes you feel like a failure.
I myself am no stranger to depression. I have always been a sullen girl. As a child a sad movie or song could leave me sad for days on end. It was not a surprise when I first had my major bout of depression at age seventeen. It was severe and lasted for more than two years.
Periodically I would have a few months or a year of depression before things started to get better again.
The worst depression to hit me was after having my second child and it lasted for years. It was then I was urged to seek help and life started to seem a little less bleak.
There is a major difference between being really upset about something like a break-up or divorce or death of a loved one and depression.
Depression usually strikes for no reason and even getting out of bed can be an inundating task.
Here are some tips I found helpful to fight depression.
Usually the hardest thing to do when you are depressed is to get out of bed.
The best becomes sort of a cocoon or a womb which can quickly become your comfort zone. With today’s technology you can literally do everything in bed using your phone and laptop.
My top tip to help you break this vicious ‘Bed cycle’ is to set yourself small tasks.
It can be very common to want to ‘snap out’ of your depression or bad mood and change your lazy lifestyle in one day but this is only setting you up for failure. By putting too many goals in a small-time frame, it will be hard to achieve them and make you feel like more of a failure and just make you more depressed.
So, start with small ‘doable’ goals; like the following.

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