Meet the real life ‘Finding Ola’

Written by Omar Elorfaly

Netflix’s new series ‘Finding Ola’. has taken Egypt by storm. Situated on the top ten trending since it’s release, we are not surprised. Ola’s story resonates with so many women.

The series touches on many social topics with sensitivity, nuance and a dash of light hearted Egyptian comedy.

It clearly depicts how eager elder millennials are to please the older generation. How the old narrative about the ‘divorced woman’ is outdated and false.

Although divorce comes with upheaval, emotional turmoil and drama. Life does not end after divorce. You do not have to hate your ex and his future partner just because things didn’t work out between you. You do not have to settle for less to please your family.

These are all topics played out in ‘Finding Ola’.

With divorce being at an all-time high in Egypt, Ola’s story is similar to many stories. Very similar to Samar’s story in particular.


‘When the series’ first aired, I got a couple of texts and calls from friends telling me to watch it. I saw the first few episodes and I must say the similarities were uncanny. We were both divorced with two kids. Even my ex’s name is Hesham’ she laughs.

‘I got divorced in 2020 and found myself in a very similar position to Ola. Like Ola I also come from a medical background, having studied medicine and working as a clinical embryologist for over a decade. I was always making my own hair and skin products and after my divorce I made a video showing people how to make their own products. I was inundated with people asking me to make them products. That is when I started ‘Sincere’.


I had suffered from extensive hair loss and managed to treat it using herbal remedies. I started making batches and selling them early 2021. However, I took a hiatus for a few months because the quality of the product wasn’t what I wanted it to be. I took courses in formulation and a certificate in trichology and am releasing my new improved product this month’.


When asked if her divorce prompted her to start her own line of business.

‘Oh absolutely, when you get divorced there is more financial and emotional responsibility thrusted upon you. You worry about so many things as a single mum and you try your best to provide some stability’.


‘I watched the show and loved it. It was somewhat realistic and I liked how they didn’t push the main character to get into a relationship or go back to her ex. It is changing the narrative that as women we have to be attached to a male to be considered ‘whole’ or ‘successful’.

Our lives are not over because our relationship ended. In fact, for many women like Ola it is just the beginning of finding out who we really are.”



To see Samar’s natural products visit her website

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